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Press Release

Adlib partners with Astral to support enterprise content management requirements in Australia

June 23, 2015 - Toronto, Canada (Source: Business Wire) Adlib continues to build on its leading position in the global market for Advanced Rendering by expanding into Australasia. With a team on the ground to support our partners and customers, led by Jeff Brand, Territory Manager, Adlib will be able to address both high level content management strategy and technical demands at an expert level.

A key part of this expansion is the establishment of a strategic partnership with Astral Consulting Services.

With its unparalleled enterprise-grade, automated document transformation technology, Adlib has been working with Australian organizations and key partners for some time, including Astral. Astral helps customers manage their information assets so that information is easily accessible, secure and delivers enterprise-wide value. Astral’s CEO, Marie Felsbourg, noted that “Astral customers utilize the Adlib Advanced Rendering capabilities to deliver enhanced enterprise document management solutions in high-volume environments. Our customers are able to solve complex business problems including managing change effectively and increasing user adoption of Enterprise Content Management systems, from OpenText to Documentum to SharePoint and beyond.”

Adlib and Astral have partnered to support the delivery of these solutions to a number of customers across Australia. Building on this, the two companies are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint program to provide business and technical services as part of a strategy to increase the value to customers.

Astral is finding information governance initiatives are gaining priority across corporate Australia, with the imperative being to meet compliance requirements, reduce the overall cost and administration overhead (and the associated risks) of managing content throughout its lifecycle. Adlib’s Advanced Rendering enriches the quality of content, enhancing its value to the organisation and to the people who work with that content to support those initiatives.

Organizations across multiple industries worldwide are realizing significant improvements to document management processes with Adlib’s technology. By integrating advanced document-to-PDF technology with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), workflow and PLM systems, critical content processes like compliance, collaboration and archiving are enhanced across the enterprise.

“We look forward to working with enterprise organizations across Australia and throughout the region to bring improved content, document and information management processes to them. This is an exciting time for Adlib, with a number of innovative projects in flight. It’s gratifying to know that we can now expand the delivery of these advancements to customers and partners alike”, says Craig Gleason, VP, Partners & Solutions at Adlib.

About Adlib

By automating the conversion of content, Adlib empowers over 5,500 companies to help them save millions of dollars each year. Streamlined integration with leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Workflow solutions enable customers to easily integrate the rendering and assembly of PDFs within existing business processes.

About Astral

A leader in Information Management for the past 14 years, Astral is an organisation highly regarded for its knowledge, advice and independence. Astral supports organisations to manage their information assets so the information is easily accessible, secure and delivers enterprise wide value. Learn more at http://www.astral.consulting


Lucy Ventresca
Senior Director, Marketing