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Enhance Document Processes in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems with Advanced Rendering

Together with a robust partner ecosystem, Adlib provides Advanced Rendering technology, enabling organizations to improve their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) document processes by transforming different types of content from multiple sources into more manageable and usable formats—turning content into a true business advantage.

Advanced Rendering enhances 4 key stages of document processing within any ECM environment for organizations in virtually any industry, whether they have departmental or enterprise-wide requirements.

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Putting Advanced Rendering to Work Throughout the Document Lifecycle Process

Learn how enterprise-grade document-to-PDF conversion software can enhance each of the 4 stages of the document lifecycle in this white paper.

Ingestion and Capture of Content

  • Capture content from a wide range of input sources to standardize file types and automate tedious manual processes such as content extraction and de-duplication
  • Eliminate manual rendering by integrating directly to ECM systems, Workflow tools or PLM software to automatically convert content into high-fidelity, fully text-searchable PDFs upon upload
  • Include multiple content types —documents, images, faxes, scans, email, CAD drawings and more—for automated rendering
  • Utilize advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically convert images and other non-traditional file types into fully text-searchable content

Manage Content and Business Workflow

  • Eliminate manual intervention throughout the document lifecycle by automating renditions and, as a result, reducing dependence on individual actions
  • Use one Advanced Rendering solution to meet all document rendering needs, eliminating the requirement to manage and support multiple solutions
  • Deploy rendering as a shared service across the organization or to support multiple departments, business systems, or organizational processes
  • Migrate and automate conversion of legacy content into high-fidelity PDF formats for simplified access and distribution – reducing dependence on 3rd party viewers or specialized authoring software
  • Employ Advanced Rendering in the cloud for project-based document-conversion needs while reducing your reliance on internal resources such as hardware, human capital and more

Store and Archive Content for the Long Term

  • Support long-term access to content without having to utilize native applications by automating conversion of content  to PDF/A and ensuring content is available in perpetuity
  • Improve ongoing email storage and management by rendering incoming and outgoing emails of business value to PDF/A without any user intervention
  • Reduce storage costs by converting content to PDF or PDF/A, which when converted with Adlib and MRC compression, have smaller file sizes while maintaining document quality and fidelity

Deliver Consistent Output Enterprise Wide

  • Deliver mobile content in thumbnail format to enable previews of content quickly, minimizing bandwidth while increasing efficiencies for users
  • Provide mobile access to content across phones, laptops and tablets without the need for costly platform-specific application development, enabling fast and easy access to key content for remote staff or those in the field
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements are met by rendering content to high-fidelity PDFs with consistent output in an automated fashion, reducing risks associated with manual intervention
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