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Adlib’s PDF Therapist
Rupin Mago - Content Rendition Specialist
Rupin uses the 12 years of in-the-field experience he garnered working with Adlib’s advanced rendering technology, and the lessons he learned as a result, to increase awareness of how Adlib technology can be used to provide value to the ECM market across various vertical sectors. As Adlib’s Content Rendition Strategist, Rupin combines his 8+ years of ECM experience with knowledge gained from his previous roles within Adlib—from Development and Support to Sales, Alliances and Marketing—to educate audiences and perform ongoing needs analyses on concrete ways that Adlib customers can receive tangible value. To this end, Rupin developed and launched Adlib’s PDF Therapy program, a free on-site consulting program where he diagnoses customers’ rendering pains and provides just the right prescription. In his spare time, Rupin can be found mulling over PDF issues and discussing his famous tagline “I got 99 problems but a PDF ain’t one”.
You need PDF Therapy
If you have... No Flexibility Version Compatibility Issues Inconsistent Output Hyperlinks Missing Bookmarks Not Working No Metrics Lack Of IT Control Desktop Based Various Solutions Something That Is Not All Adlib Software
01 And you need...
ONE Advanced Rendering Solution Enable all of your business apps with advanced rendering across the organization with one centralized technology.
Consistency of PDF output Your different business units have varying needs for how their PDF’s need to look, leveraging a server based solution can enable this quickly and easily.
PDF Rendering Output Fidelity Convert and transform content into high-fidelity PDF automatically, with 100% accuracy.
High Performance Maintain high-availability of critical, high-volume content.
06 Book A Session!
What to expect in a session. A PDF Therapy session consists of 3 phases:
Meet Adlib's PDF Therapist
Discovery - The discovery phase begins when Adlib arrives at your location to meet with your business and IT leaders for an information exchange to uncover your organization’s rendering challenges and pain points.
Discussion - The discussion phase encourages a frank discussion of your issues in order to clearly outline your environment, challenges, and content management pains in order to gain alignment and address challenges according to the commonly-experienced “buckets of pain”.
Delivery - As a result of the therapy session, Adlib provides a clear and concise recommendation of how you can improve your automated document processing efficiencies with a summary report and appropriate follow-up actions. Frequently, Adlib is also able to make improvements and solve issues while on site.