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Adlib File Type Outputs

Convert documents into a wide variety of file types

In addition to high fidelity PDFs, Adlib also converts content to a number of other output formats for specific industry, regulatory, and internal needs, including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, CALS, and HTML

Adlib supports clients:

  • CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support): Primarily used by US Department of Defense and the financial sector
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): Convert content for web display with the same ability to convert, combine, and enhance processes to material published online
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format): Common amongst graphic artists and the publishing industry and used as an archiving standard

Compressed PDF output

Adlib continues to invest in ways to make PDF files smaller, while maintaining their accuracy and file integrity. The compressed PDF output is ideal when fast viewing on mobile devices is a requirement or for lowering storage capacity requirements. Reducing PDF output sizes can result in a documents being up to 400% smaller through such techniques as:

  • De-duping redundant images and fonts
  • Adjusting image type and resolution
  • Configuring how fonts are embedded
  • Setting level of PDF compression

Learn more about the +400 file type inputs we support.

Much more than centrally managed high fidelity document-to-PDF conversion, Adlib PDF thrives in demanding enterprise environments in support of document intensive business processes, collaboration, archiving, and regulatory compliance.
Italy's Ministry of Justice (MoJ) uses Adlib to convert trial documents warehoused in 166 judicial districts into searchable PDFs, with authentication digital signatures through IBM® FileNet®.
Learn how Adlib PDF helps capture, manage, preserve and share documents from multiple systems – creating digital assets that all stakeholders can view and open.