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PDF Rendering for K2 blackpearl Workflow

Enhance K2 blackpearl workflow with automated document conversion and assembly

K2® and Adlib have partnered to bring customers streamlined integration between business process automation and advanced conversion and assembly of multiple documents, watermarking, automated table of contents and more.

Integrating Advanced PDF Technology with K2 blackpearl®

Adlib PDF integrates with K2 blackpearl®, allowing you to include document conversion in any workflow. With the ability to convert 400+ popular and legacy document file types into PDF, PDF archive (PDF/A) and other outputs, Adlib PDF can handle documents and metadata from just about any line-of-business (LOB) system integrated with your K2 platform… taking your workflow to the next level.

Datasheet: Adlib & K2

Find out how combining K2 with Adlib enterprise-class document to PDF conversion improves the accuracy and consistency of workflows. Automatically converting, assembling, and publishing high fidelity PDFs increases user satisfaction while lowering costs and risk of errors.

Best Practices

What if you could significantly reduce manual document processing?

  • Adlib’s seamless integration with K2 blackpearl gives you access to advanced document transformation capabilities within your familiar SharePoint environment for even more ECM functionality.
  • Turn disparate, multi-format assets into one standardized document with a consistent look and feel.  Automatically merge multiple documents triggered by a workflow process into a PDF file and format the document per applicable industry, government, or corporate standards; then pass it back into K2 blackpearl workflow faster than you can read this sentence!


What if you could automatically render documents to PDF/A for long-term digital preservation?

  • Rules-based engine to improve accuracy in the document transformation and enhancement process for high-quality and compliant PDF output
  • Enterprise-grade architecture for massive scalability of rendering across the organization as added capacity and expansion is required.
Archiving for the Long Term
Archiving for the Long Term
Archiving for the Long Term
Explore how this medical systems firm integrated document conversion with SharePoint and K2 to archive DHF documents.
Much more than centrally managed high fidelity document-to-PDF conversion, Adlib PDF thrives in demanding enterprise environments in support of document intensive business processes, collaboration, archiving, and regulatory compliance.
Learn how Adlib PDF helps capture, manage, preserve and share documents from multiple systems – creating digital assets that all stakeholders can view and open.
Watch this brief clip to learn more about how Adlib PDF integrates with Microsoft SharePoint.
Enable PDF rendering within Microsoft SharePoint workflows and automate conversion within your business processes.