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Convert Documents to PDF

Adlib PDF delivers high fidelity, enterprise-class PDF conversion. It converts and assembles virtually any document into a high quality, searchable and compliant PDF format – right from SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Integrating Advanced PDF Technology with Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you are developing an archiving, records management, or collaboration strategy, Microsoft® SharePoint® users rely on Adlib’s superior rendering engine to retain the integrity of the original document and deliver the advanced formatting and navigation required to assemble and publish a wide variety and volume of documents.

Datasheet: Adlib PDF + Microsoft® SharePoint

Adlib integrates with Microsoft SharePoint to complete the workflow process within enterprise organizations.

Best Practices

What if you could convert, assemble and enhance documents with business rules to facilitate compliance processes?

  • Convert and combine virtually any format including office documents, faxes, scans, email, images, maps, forms, charts, and more into high-fidelity, searchable PDF files
  • Maximize the value of your SharePoint workflow investment by extending Advanced Rendering to SharePoint Designer, K2 Blackpearl and Nintex Workflow and automate document conversion and assembly as part of the workflow.
  • Extend advanced document-to-PDF conversion across the organization as a shared service to enhance document-intensive processes.


What if you could enhance long term digital preservation capabilities?

  • Convert Microsoft Office files and 400+ other file types to PDF
  • Combine documents into one PDF from SharePoint 2010 document set or library
  • Enhance PDF with table of contents, bookmarks, watermarks, headers, footers, security
Sharing Content with SharePoint
Sharing Content with SharePoint
Sharing Content with SharePoint
Check out how this engineering consulting firm implemented a solution to bring their complex marketing and project documents into a front-end system.
Converting, Combining and Enhancing
Converting, Combining and Enhancing
Converting, Combining and Enhancing
Learn how this non-profit organization deployed Adlib PDF integrated with SharePoint to create error-free PDFs.
Getting in the Black and Staying There
Getting in the Black and Staying There
Getting in the Black and Staying There
See how this utilities and energy company integrated Adlib PDF into SharePoint to automatically enable search and help in addressing lawsuits.
Learn how Adlib works with Microsoft SharePoint as a Business Critical SharePoint Partner in this short video.
Learn how Adlib extends SharePoint with industry-leading document-to-PDF conversion capabilities, automating PDF rendering and assembly within the workflow in support of business processes.
AEI Services LLC is an international energy company that utilizies Adlib's OCR capabilities from within Microsoft® SharePoint® to manage their business-critical documents.

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