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Convert Documents to PDF in OpenText Content Server

OpenText rendition server – powered by Adlib

If you know OpenText®, chances are you know Adlib – OpenText Rendition Server is a high-fidelity, enterprise-grade rendering solution worthy of the most demanding ECM customers – built on Adlib’s industry-leading content-to-PDF technology

Integrating Advanced PDF Technology with Enterprise Content Management Systems

For OpenText customers who want to extend content transformation capability throughout their organization – integrating with additional ECMs; connecting to CRM, ERP, and other systems; and servicing more departments – Adlib PDF is a highly scalable, server-based rendering platform designed to function as a shared service. Using a centralized approach to PDF rendition enables global companies to maintain consistent document standards and minimize IT infrastructure – and costs – through load balancing.

Adlib already supports OpenText Rendition Server and Adlib PDF can extend the familiar OpenText rendition capabilities to the rest of your organization.

Datasheet: Adlib + OpenText® Rendition Server

Find out how Adlib works with OpenText Rendition Server, and how you can extend Advanced Rendering across the enterprise.

Best Practices

What if you could automatically merge, render and enhance documents by embedding PDF transformations in OpenText workflows?

  • Built-in rendering technology allows you to choose Rendition Server and benefit from the tight integration of an OpenText add-on module with the proven fidelity and reliability of Adlib.
  • Sophisticated PDF enhancements help to facilitate compliance with regulatory or corporate document standards by enhancing PDF outputs with watermarks, timestamps, tables of contents, page numbers, headers, footers and other custom features.
  • The extension of Adlib’s Advanced Rendering technology to multiple departments, line-of-business (LOB) systems (such as Microsoft Exchange, CRM, and ERP), and other Enterprise Content Management systems enables the improvement of critical business processes across the enterprise.


What if you could render scanned documents as fully searchable PDF files with an advanced OCR engine, built into OpenText Rendition Server?

  • Augment Rendition Server’s formidable out-of-the-box functionality with specialized rendering features tailored to your specifications by Adlib’s Professional Services group.
  • Accurately transform more than 400 popular and legacy document formats into PDF, PDF archive (PDF/A) and other outputs, all from within the familiar OpenText user interface.
Taming an Onslaught of Messages
Taming an Onslaught of Messages
Taming an Onslaught of Messages
Learn how this insurance company implemented a solution that could handle their current volume and grow with their needs, while integrating with OpenText and SharePoint.
Connecting Multiple Systems to Free Dark Data
Connecting Multiple Systems to Free Dark Data
Connecting Multiple Systems to Free Dark Data
Hear how this international insurance organization shed a light on their dark data with Adlib PDF.
Capitalizing on Smooth Integration
Capitalizing on Smooth Integration
Capitalizing on Smooth Integration
Look at how this US-based insurance company consolidated rendering across multiple existing systems and document repositories.
Watch this clip to learn more about how Adlib PDF provides enterprise-grade document rendering in OpenText.
Much more than centrally managed high fidelity document-to-PDF conversion, Adlib PDF thrives in demanding enterprise environments in support of document intensive business processes, collaboration, archiving, and regulatory compliance.
Learn how Adlib PDF helps capture, manage, preserve and share documents from multiple systems – creating digital assets that all stakeholders can view and open.
Learn more about how Adlib integrates with the most popular ECMs in this short video.

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