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Electronic Document Capture

Enhancing Content Capture Processes through Advanced Rendering

Adlib facilitates the intelligent ingestion and processing of digitally-born or post-scan paper content, applying enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, image comparison technology, and PDF interpretation techniques to enable organizations to automate tedious manual document-centric processes and turn content into assets.

Adlib PDF supports organizations by optimizing their day-to-day content capture-centric processes, including case management, account on-boarding, contracts, invoicing, archiving, and email management.

Integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems

Adlib’s open platform, easily integrated with any application through our Professional Services team and our diverse ecosystem of partners, can also connect with Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) and content capture software. In addition, Adlib integrates with Workflow tools, scanning repositories, multi-function printer outputs, email applications, fax systems, web forms and other points of content on-boarding, allowing organizations to access Advanced Rendering from any point in the document lifecycle.

Ideal for:

  • Insurance, banking, life sciences, energy and manufacturing organizations seeking intelligent capture capabilities to assist them in gaining control of their information
  • Systems Integrators working with companies that are seeking to help their customers gain control of all of their content more effectively. Systems Integrators interested in partnering with Adlib should join the Adlib Partner Plus program.

Datasheet: Enhancing Capture with Adlib PDF

Learn how Advanced Rendering can enhance capture processes, helping digest information to support document-centric business processes.

Best Practices

  • Apply image-based approach to content assessment, automatically contrasting it against defined templates or original versions to determine document deltas.
  • Clean document repositories and minimize storage requirements by rapidly identifying redundant, outdated and trivial (ROT) content
  • Compare detailed content within large volumes of documents in a specific process to highlight changes between different versions of complex or lengthy files such as legal contracts or engineering designs.


  • Multi-format manipulation: Ingest and convert information from a broad range of formats to high-fidelity PDFs, and assemble documents of different origin into compound files. 
  • Digital document on-boarding preparation: Convert disparate file types into a high-fidelity, machine-readable standard, leveraging  Advanced Rendering technology to create automated metadata tags for each file, ensuring each document is clearly tagged and identified as soon as it enters your business process.
  • Content extraction: Automatically examine a document to mine key data using advanced OCR and intelligent data extraction capabilities.

Use Cases

Scanning Forms and Fighting Fraud
Scanning Forms and Fighting Fraud
Scanning Forms and Fighting Fraud
Explore how this municipal government organization was able to save money through intelligent OCR capabilities.
Delivering Improved Access to Documents
Delivering Improved Access to Documents
Delivering Improved Access to Documents
Find out how a leading investment management and investment services company automated the process of converting customer statements from their DMS.
Boosting Productivity and Collaboration
Boosting Productivity and Collaboration
Boosting Productivity and Collaboration
See how this investment banking organization facilitated the sharing of Microsoft Office documents within the company through integrating Adlib with OpenText.