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Convert Images to PDF with OCR

Convert images into searchable, high quality PDF using OCR

Faxes, photocopies, and scanned images still represent a significant portion of content within key industries such as construction, manufacturing, finance, and government. The problem is, even after digitizing paper documents computers can’t search on words hidden in scanned documents, faxes, photos, or CAD drawings.

Adlib PDF provides intelligent, industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) to reliably convert image files like jpg, CAD and vector graphics into a high quality, searchable PDF by adding an invisible text layer to images.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations in manufacturing, insurance, banking, government and other industries that recognize the need to include images, faxes, photocopies and scans, among other previously non-searchable formats, in the capture process, enhancing it with the capability to make content searchable to support compliance, archiving and collaboration initiatives.
  • Systems Integrators whose customers demand the automatic conversion of faxes, photocopies, and scanned image-based content into searchable and high fidelity PDFs within any workflow in support of multiple business processes. Interested in partnering with Adlib? Join Adlib’s Partner Plus Program


  • Recognizes over 115 languages (including Japanese, Korean, and simplified/traditional Chinese), ensuring the highest possible accuracy for global content
  • De-skews and rotates files to optimize overall accuracy
  • Reduces file sizes with compression to lower storage and backup requirements
  • Extracts data into recognized text for use in analysis and reporting activities

Datasheet: Adlib OCR

Explore automatic conversion of faxes, photocopies, and scanned image-based content into searchable and high fidelity PDFs within any workflow. Adlib OCR recognizes image-only files in support of document intensive business processes, collaboration, archiving, and compliance.

Best Practices

  • Content publishing across devices: Convert graphics, faxes, images and documents into searchable PDFs so they can be found quickly and easily by customers and employees across devices
  • Claims management: Reduce payment of fraudulent or duplicate claims by verifying incoming claims content with document OCR
  • Knowledge management: Scan images and amend with metadata to make them searchable for indexing and storage
  • Invoice processing: Convert vendor POs or invoices and capture (and tag) with text-searchable reference for reference and storage