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Intelligent Content Compression

Take Control of Your File Sizes with Adlib PDF Compression

With Adlib’s intelligent compression capabilities, such as Mixed Raster Content (MRC) Compression, JBIG2, JPEG2000, and other standards, your organization no longer needs to spend extra resources on digital storage costs. By using Adlib’s intelligent compression features, you can create smaller file sizes without compromising on document fidelity, while helping you take control of your digital storage expenses and manage the transfer of information more efficiently.

Reduce storage costs while creating high-fidelity files

Adlib’s PDF compression options can reduce file sizes by up to 60% or more. Leveraging MRC technology, our intelligent compression engine separates each section of the document (color image, color photo, black and white text, etc.) and selects the most appropriate compression capability in order to create the greatest file size reduction with minimal loss of fidelity.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations in a variety of industries including banking, insurance and life sciences who are looking to minimize their storage costs while keeping document fidelity front of mind, in addition to those who are looking to optimize their ECM environment by ensuring their content is the right size and resources aren’t wasted.
  • Systems Integrators whose customers demand flexible compression capabilities and can reduce the necessary storage capacity by up to 60% or more by selecting the best compression option for the document at hand. To partner with Adlib, join Adlib’s Partner Plus Program.

Datasheet: Adlib Compression Module

Learn how you can save on digital storage costs without compromising the integrity of your documents with the Adlib Compression Module.

Best Practices

  • Flexible compression options like JBIG2, JPEG2000, MRC, and other standards to control and reduce PDF file size. When dealing with large volumes of content, smaller PDF file sizes are preferable to distribute via email or online as they use less bandwidth.
  • Enterprise-grade software to maintain high reliability and availability with intelligent redundancy and take advantage of performance-oriented load balancing and job management.
  • Deploy as a shared service, scaling Adlib PDF across various departments and business units, and creating consistent documents with small file sizes throughout the organization.


  • By reducing file sizes by 60% or more, the transmission and viewing of files among internal and external stakeholders, including the mobile workforce, is drastically improved, creating greater business efficiencies.
  • Requiring up to 60% less storage capacity, plus the associated power, cooling, management, backup and data center costs, when files are compressed using MRC compression, storage costs are drastically reduced.
  • With Adlib’s Advanced Rendering technology, there is minimal loss of quality due to our high-fidelity conversion capabilities and searchability is maintained.

Compression Based Savings

Current Storage Volume
Storage Cost per TB
(per annum, include all-on costs not just hardware)
Optional Details
Annual Bandwidth Usage
(Up & Down, per annum)
Bandwidth Cost per KB
Expected Compression
(Varies, but can exceed 95% with MRC)