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Helping Energy Companies Leverage Content to Enhance Critical Business Process

Taming Content chaos in the energy sector is an increasing challenge for professionals.

Adlib delivers Advanced Rendering technology to help Energy companies extract value from vast, unstructured silos of information like well log files, CAD diagrams, and more. Integrating with key repositories, Adlib PDF provides the most holistic document transformation in the industry today, automating document processes from ingestion to output.

Integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems

Integrating with key business tools, including all leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Adlib PDF is driven by the most powerful, automated document-to-PDF conversion engine in the market.

Ideal for:

  • Energy & Utility organizations seeking ways to optimize content capture to drive the improvement of critical business processes, such as compliance, design development and archiving.
  • Systems Integrators striving to provide their customers with enhanced document centric solutions focused on energy industry business processes. Systems Integrators interested in partnering with Adlib should join the Adlib Partner Plus program.

Adlib PDF for Energy

Energy organizations are gaining greater efficiencies and enhancing document management processes by integrating Advanced Rendering technology with existing business systems.

Best Practices

  • Using Advanced Rendering as the enterprise standard for capture and conversion of ALL files from multiple source formats into high-fidelity, text searchable PDFs
  • Applying intelligent rules-based document assembly to standardize the output produced across the enterprise
  • Implementing document classification to identify and compare contracts, forms and other documents using technologies like enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate de-duplication and extraction.
  • Intelligent email ingestion for the assembly of one compound PDF for easy collaboration and automated archiving through the conversion, management and processing of email content
  • Automated archiving to ensuring the ISO PDF/A standard is met
  • A centralized enterprise-grade solution to enable the scalability of enterprise technology in high-volume environments


With Advanced Rendering that enhances the capture and conversion of high-value documents, energy and utility organizations can achieve a number of benefits, such as:

  • Improving the efficiency of the preparation of submissions to regulatory bodies, while reducing the chance for human error
  • Enhancing capture and conversion processes, including content for report management, email ingestion, report processing and archiving
  • Improving collaboration with stakeholders with a sophisticated CAD module, allowing for unlimited viewing regardless of the recipient’s platform, while maintaining the integrity of designs
  • Improving the usability, efficacy and findability of content locked in scanned documents and unreadable formats, whether the source be TIFF, PDF, CAD or legacy formats.
  • Leveraging enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and intelligent image recognition to process forms, contracts and other documents to de-duplicate, classify or even extract key data.
  • Meeting archiving demands by leveraging Adlib’s metadata-driven rules-based engine to automatically convert content – from emails to forms to contracts – into PDF/A, the ISO standard for long term retention.
Powering Better Information Access
Powering Better Information Access
Powering Better Information Access
Hear how this energy company converted documents to PDF to provide better access for corporate users, field technicians and regulatory bodies.
Going Digital to Improve Efficiencies
Going Digital to Improve Efficiencies
Going Digital to Improve Efficiencies
Hear how this oil company sped up the process of searching for and finding oil files by using Adlib PDF.
Rules-Based Rendering with Digital Signatures
Rules-Based Rendering with Digital Signatures
Rules-Based Rendering with Digital Signatures
Learn how this oil and gas exploration company applied metadata rules to automate the application of digital signatures.